Monday, September 28, 2009

No State Fair this year

...but Tulsa has a fair next week that is smaller and some people that I have talked to say it is nicer. Sounds good to me! It actually worked out well since Chris ended up with a migraine that afternoon and it was tough enough having all three kids Friday night at Isaac's baseball games. Isaac was very happy that they won both games that night and he has started HITTING the ball!!! Wahoo! He did strike out twice but I told him that I was proud of him for at least trying to hit the ball. He did get a couple good hits but they both went foul, Isaac said it still felt good to make contact. Sure proud of my boy!

I also found out that our good attitudes toward Isaac not always getting to play has been noticed. A friend from church said that she overhead someone talking about how the Friends Church pastor and his wife never complain about how much Isaac gets to play or not play. Praise the Lord!!! Living out our Christianity through our actions not just our words!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oklahoma State Fair

The boys don't have school tomorrow so I am thinking about taking them to the Oklahoma State Fair BUT Chris has to work so I would be taking them all by myself! Hence, the still thinking part. I am not sure I am up for the task of keeping track of three of them or for that matter, keeping UP with them. Emma doesn't want to be in the stroller that much anymore and Ian has a tendency to think it's funny to find some little place to hide from me, not cool. A friend of mine and her friend are going tomorrow but I don't want to trouble them with watching my kids. I have wanted to take the boys for years but the last time I went was the Kansas State Fair when Isaac was an only child! Maybe I need to talk Chris into taking the day off...probably not going to happen. I'll let you know if we go, probably not tomorrow since Isaac does have a double header baseball game tomorrow night and yes, that does factor into the decision too. Ugh!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Isaac's 9th birthday

I know it's been almost a month but, as the saying goes, better late than never!!! My oldest, Isaac, turned nine last month and I still can't believe how grown up he is getting. Everyday, I seem to catch myself watching him and noticing how mature he is getting. Only one more year till he reaches the two digit birthday. Here are some pics from a small party we had for him at home. He had his friend from church, Adam, over and then also our neighbors, Madison (Isaac's age but he says she is NOT his girlfriend) and Dalton (Ian's age and a great friend). It also worked out for our friends, Geron and Lorrie, to come out for the day and of course, Jonny and Amanda came for the fun too.
My parents, Chris and I bought Isaac a new bike for his birthday and he was especially excited that it had pegs on both front and back wheels, guess he is thinking about tricks after watching X Games this summer! I'm not sure I am ready for that!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Proof that Isaac does practice

Thought this was sweet of Emma and Isaac while he was practicing piano. Love those little toes! Don't know how much practicing he got in since sis was "helping" but he is so patient with her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knot Just Tutus

I encourage everyone with a little girl or anyone who knows a little girl to check out my best friend's new blog, Becky creates some of the most adorable tutus, tutu dresses, hats, headbands and baby blankets for the sweet little girls in our lives. :) Becky's inspiration comes from her own two sweet daughters and in an effort to stay home with her girls, she has quit her job of about 18 years to pursue this full time. If you live in NW Washington you can check out her creations first hand at Sprouts Consignment in Mount Vernon and soon at Lil Bitz Consignment in Sedro Woolley. I am so proud of my dear friend for pursuing her dream!