Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas parties!

Whew! I have always known December to be busy but this one has seemed especially full! It probably has something to do with the kids getting older and being involved in more activities but I am looking forward to a slow down after the New Year. Isaac is in basketball this year, his first school sponsored sport, and it has been great fun to watch his games! After two outside sports for so many years, baseball and football, it is great to have a sport that is indoors and I don't have to worry about dressing for the ever changing weather conditions. Ian does not seem to have much interest in any sports but has asked if he could raise a cow...yep, you read that right...a COW! Ummm, how about we start with something a little smaller and one that won't have the neighbors calling the cops on us! He has now decided on a bunny rabbit and I am okay with that, it will be outside and he wants to show it at the county fair this summer. Emma is into everything these days, I can't seem to keep her away from stuff that isn't hers, even when she gets a spanking for it. The recent saying in the house is..."Emma! Where is my...!?" Unfortunately, most of the time, whatever "it" is can be found in her room. :(

Here are some pics from the kids school Christmas parties! Sad to think that this was Isaac's last school Christmas party but excited for him and the new adventures that await next year!