Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas parties!

Whew! I have always known December to be busy but this one has seemed especially full! It probably has something to do with the kids getting older and being involved in more activities but I am looking forward to a slow down after the New Year. Isaac is in basketball this year, his first school sponsored sport, and it has been great fun to watch his games! After two outside sports for so many years, baseball and football, it is great to have a sport that is indoors and I don't have to worry about dressing for the ever changing weather conditions. Ian does not seem to have much interest in any sports but has asked if he could raise a cow...yep, you read that right...a COW! Ummm, how about we start with something a little smaller and one that won't have the neighbors calling the cops on us! He has now decided on a bunny rabbit and I am okay with that, it will be outside and he wants to show it at the county fair this summer. Emma is into everything these days, I can't seem to keep her away from stuff that isn't hers, even when she gets a spanking for it. The recent saying in the house is..."Emma! Where is my...!?" Unfortunately, most of the time, whatever "it" is can be found in her room. :(

Here are some pics from the kids school Christmas parties! Sad to think that this was Isaac's last school Christmas party but excited for him and the new adventures that await next year!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Am I seeing things???

No friends, you aren't seeing things! I am actually posting on my blog again and just one month short of a year since the last post. I decided that either I need to start blogging again or just get rid of the whole thing. (I can just see all ten of my followers jumping for joy since I obviously decided to keep going.) Heehee. I love reading others blogs and it has inspired to give it another go...so...here goes nothing!

If you ask my kids, I am sure they will tell you that the biggest thing going on in their lives right now is the fact that they only have 3 and 1/2 more days to summer freedom! Sorry...that's a mixed bag for me. I kinda like only having only one child at home during the day, it really cuts down on the arguments. :) Course, Emma can't wait for the boys to be home so she has someone else, besides me and the dog, to boss around. ;) I've already started praying for her preschool teachers this next fall, they are in for a wild ride!

As for me, I've had quite a rough month or so. Started out with feeling sick to my stomach quite a bit, especially after eating and so I thought maybe I had a problem with gluten (found in flour). I cut gluten out of my diet and started feeling better within a week. Problem solved! Well...okay, maybe not. The last week of April found me getting sick again and this time around it was more severe. It got so bad that on May 2nd, Chris took me to the emergency room, which proved to be a nice little visit for basically, NOTHING! :( I did have an ultrasound to check my liver, pancreas and gallbladder, which all looked normal and then was sent home, with a pain med presciption, since I wasn't dying. (They did have a full waiting room.) Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I did come home with some nice bruises, since I was so dehydrated and they had problems drawing blood and getting an IV started. :(

The next day found me at another hospital, this time with an appointment, for a CT scan after I started having sharp pain in my back and chest. I was still dehydrated so after three horribly painful, failed attempts to get another IV started, I begged them to stop and just do the scan without the dye (the scan can still be done, the radiologists just can read it as well.) This scan came back normal as well. Boo!

The next two days I was pain free so it took me by surprise when I woke up Saturday morning (May 7th) about 1:30am with what felt like a gas pain in my lower, right side abdomen. When it got progressively worse, Chris and I decided it was time for another ER visit. A dear friend came and stayed with the kids, who were sound asleep, while we raced off to OKC. By the time we got there, I would say the pain was at a nine on the 1-10 pain scale but I was still adamant that they bring in the best person to start my IV. All I had to do was show them my arms and hands. :( I could have about hugged the nurse that came in and got it started right away with no problems!!! And it was a good thing that pain meds through an IV kick in immediately! After a quick exam by the doc, basically all he had to do was push on my right side and I about came up off the bed, I was sent upstairs for another CT scan. (This one was done differently and I don't really want to give anyone a visual on how it was done but I was told that this was the only way to really see the gallbladder and appendix.) This scan DID show that my appendix was enlarged and the doctor said it needed to come out so I was scheduled to an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy that afternoon.

I has been a week today since the surgery (my very first surgery ever) and I am still moving slow but getting better every day. My wonderful mom was able to come to Oklahoma Saturday afternoon and was actually here by the time I was taken back to my room for recovery. She has been a lifesaver this last week, staying with me for five days so that Chris could go back to work. I don't know what I would have done without her, she even spent Mother's Day taking care of me!

Well, that's probably enough for my first post back blogging, don't want to overdue myself! ;)