Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two "Ice" days

We ended up with a couple inches of mostly ice and a little snow on top after it all started Monday afternoon. Isaac and Ian went out several times on Tuesday to sled down a little bitty hill in our front yard but it was so cold that they didn't stay out very long. Today was much better weather so I even let Emma go out this afternoon to ride with the boys on one of Chris' decoy sleds. She loved it and of course, she threw a fit when I brought her back inside. The boys just now walked in the door, they went with some friends of ours out to their families land and got to ride on the four wheeler and be towed on the sled. Lots of stories about face planting into the snow! :) Poor kids, this is probably all the snow that we are going to get down here in the south.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a beautiful day!

I feel like I could be wearing shorts today! It is supposed to be in the 70's so I got out and planted some bulbs in the front garden that I had bought from Isaac's school fundraiser in the fall. I know, I should have planted them in the fall but I never got around to it. I still want to get some houseplants re potted and I think I will try to tackle them after I get back from picking up the boys from school. We did spend some time at the city bike/walking trail yesterday and it felt so good to get outside and get some exercise. Emma rode part of the way in the stroller but wanted to get out and walk too so that was the end of my exercise since she wanted to stop and check everything out along the way! The weather is not going to last long since the high for Sunday is supposed to be 32 degrees so I might take the kids to the park again this afternoon, who needs to re pot plants anyway!? :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I sit here looking at a beautiful sunset, I wish the day had started as lovely as it is ending. I came home last night from a great girl's day out with girlfriend's from church and before long Isaac was throwing up. I was hoping it was going to be that simple, just one child sick but about 4:30am I was disappointed. I found Ian in the bathroom, emptying his stomach. I got him set up with a bowl of his own and headed back to bed, knowing that it might not be for long. I had a terrible time getting back to sleep as Chris was sleeping very restlessly and maybe about an hour later, he was up and visiting the toilet himself. The rest of the morning was spent in and out of bed, checking on all my pukers. I caught Chris at one point trying to get dressed for church and quickly let him know that he wasn't going to be going anywhere!!! I admire the dedication but I am sure no know would admire his germs if he did go to church! Isaac was feeling much better this morning and Ian only threw up a few more times before proclaiming that he "was all better"! It always amazes me how well kids bounce back from things like this! Chris is finally feeling like he will live through the day this evening and I am making homemade chicken noodle soup, that's what every good mommy makes for her sick little ones, isn't it??? :) Emma and I have seemed to miss out on all the fun but she did manage to find something to entertain herself with this afternoon. :)

Praying that you all are well and praying that we are all well soon too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's here!!!

Hallie Marie Frazier was born this morning to my sister, Stacy and her hubby, Jeremie, at 9:25am!!! What a wonderful thing to be able to announce, a new niece! Stacy had a very short labor and Hallie was born just 10 minutes after Jeremie and Stacy arrived at the hospital in Pratt and we are all thankful for the Lord's favor as Hallie had the cord wrapped around both her neck and torso and there was a knot in it. A long labor could have been very dangerous. Stacy sounded great on the phone this morning, nothing like she had just had a baby! It has been very hard to be so far away and not being able to see her right away but we do plan to get to Haviland the last weekend of January, even though I am sure she will have changed so much by then! I will post pictures when I get some!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I love owning a dog but I don't like having to pay a lot of money to keep them healthy very well. Our yellow lab that we have had for almost 2 years now is a great dog and Chris has trained him very well to be his hunting partner but we have been having problems with his ears. It seems that he keeps getting a type of yeast infection in them and sparing you all the gory details, he shakes his head a lot and breaks blood vessels in his ear. It has turned out to cost quite a bit for the vet to drain his ear and today was Gunner's second round. Poor dog. My husband isn't feeling too great about it either since it both cost us a lot of money that we just don't have and Gunner is done hunting for the rest of the season because of his ear. Poor Chris. Hahaha! The vet said something about changing Gunner's food so hopefully this will help!

Chris is feeling normal again after his nasty time with the flu. I have been sick too but differently, two weeks ago, my right lymph node in my throat swelled up so bad that it became very difficult to swallow. I thought it was getting better and then this weekend (why does it always happen on the weekend?) it got so bad that the Tylenol wasn't helping and I would double over in pain every time that I had to swallow. I'm not talking about swallowing food or drink, just swallowing. Something that we all take for granted until we can't do it anymore! I somehow made it to the doctor on Monday and he gave me an antibiotic to take for 10 days and today I have been finding relief finally. At least the strep test came negative so I don't have to worry about that but this sure hasn't been fun. The good thing in all this, my kid's haven't gotten sick at all!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home again.

Yes, we made it all the way to Colorado and home again! Chris got the flu just before we left and so I got to drive all 12 hours to Colorado Springs Chris groaning and moaning in the passenger seat. Emma didn't travel very well either but Isaac was awesome and tried really hard to keep her happy. She only slept for about 15 minutes when we were an hour away from Chris' parents house!!! Not a day that I would like to repeat! We had a great time with Chris' family and Brody's baby dedication on Sunday will always be a priceless memory for Chris and I. The cousins got along great and Emma got to learn how to go up and down stairs, with only one tumble down the half flight of stairs. She did a lot better on the trip home and it was nice to only have a six and half hour drive to my Mom and Dad's in Haviland the first day. We did Christmas that night with Stacy, Jeremie, Jace, Mom and Dad. It felt really, really good to finally get home again the next day but it is taking me forever to get the house back into shape! I misplaced my camera most of the time while we were in CO so I don't have many pictures but I will try to get them posted soon! Need to do some house cleaning first!