Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home again.

Yes, we made it all the way to Colorado and home again! Chris got the flu just before we left and so I got to drive all 12 hours to Colorado Springs Chris groaning and moaning in the passenger seat. Emma didn't travel very well either but Isaac was awesome and tried really hard to keep her happy. She only slept for about 15 minutes when we were an hour away from Chris' parents house!!! Not a day that I would like to repeat! We had a great time with Chris' family and Brody's baby dedication on Sunday will always be a priceless memory for Chris and I. The cousins got along great and Emma got to learn how to go up and down stairs, with only one tumble down the half flight of stairs. She did a lot better on the trip home and it was nice to only have a six and half hour drive to my Mom and Dad's in Haviland the first day. We did Christmas that night with Stacy, Jeremie, Jace, Mom and Dad. It felt really, really good to finally get home again the next day but it is taking me forever to get the house back into shape! I misplaced my camera most of the time while we were in CO so I don't have many pictures but I will try to get them posted soon! Need to do some house cleaning first!