Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She's here!!!

Hallie Marie Frazier was born this morning to my sister, Stacy and her hubby, Jeremie, at 9:25am!!! What a wonderful thing to be able to announce, a new niece! Stacy had a very short labor and Hallie was born just 10 minutes after Jeremie and Stacy arrived at the hospital in Pratt and we are all thankful for the Lord's favor as Hallie had the cord wrapped around both her neck and torso and there was a knot in it. A long labor could have been very dangerous. Stacy sounded great on the phone this morning, nothing like she had just had a baby! It has been very hard to be so far away and not being able to see her right away but we do plan to get to Haviland the last weekend of January, even though I am sure she will have changed so much by then! I will post pictures when I get some!