Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two "Ice" days

We ended up with a couple inches of mostly ice and a little snow on top after it all started Monday afternoon. Isaac and Ian went out several times on Tuesday to sled down a little bitty hill in our front yard but it was so cold that they didn't stay out very long. Today was much better weather so I even let Emma go out this afternoon to ride with the boys on one of Chris' decoy sleds. She loved it and of course, she threw a fit when I brought her back inside. The boys just now walked in the door, they went with some friends of ours out to their families land and got to ride on the four wheeler and be towed on the sled. Lots of stories about face planting into the snow! :) Poor kids, this is probably all the snow that we are going to get down here in the south.


Tammy said...

Those are the best photos! Emma is just adorable:)