Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not doing very good at this...

I don't know why I am not very good at keeping up with this thing. It's not like I don't have a ton of crazy things going on in this house everyday that I could be writing about!!! Just this last Sunday, Isaac went to a friend's house for the afternoon and so I asked some friends of ours if Ian could hang out with them so that I wouldn't have to take home a whining, unhappy five year old. They were very happy to, thankfully, and Ian had a blast helping feed their cows.

Chuck later told me that after the time with Ian, he knew exactly who's son he was. Oh no, what did Ian do now??? Well, apparently, Ian "saw" a pheasant while they were driving to the barn. (There really aren't many, if any, pheasants in this part of the state but Chuck decided to play along.) Ian stated that he wanted to catch it and when Chuck asked him what he was going to do with it when he caught it, (I can just imagine Chuck and Ian racing across the field after this invisible bird), Ian replied...hahaha, oh my..."I'm going to stab it!" Hmmmm, I wonder where he learned that from???