Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is this February or May?

We had some excitement today here in Oklahoma and it's usually the kind of excitement we see in the warmer months of April and May. An F3 tornado hit Edmond, a suburb on the north end of OKC! One of the weather guys got great footage of the tornado and fortunately there was only one report of injury from the storm. There was another large tornado in southern Oklahoma but I haven't heard any damage reports from it yet. We have had unbelievably nice weather (70's) the last several days and I even shut off the heater last Friday and have had the windows open, so I shouldn't be surprised that severe thunderstorms are in the forecast. It just seems so weird! We have been told that winter is basically over the first of March so I guess we really are in the South now! The front has passed us so there isn't much threat for the rest of the night, good news for Chris and I since Ian always comes into our bedroom to sleep when it is storming out. The house could be picked up and slammed back down and Isaac wouldn't wake up!