Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I sit here looking at a beautiful sunset, I wish the day had started as lovely as it is ending. I came home last night from a great girl's day out with girlfriend's from church and before long Isaac was throwing up. I was hoping it was going to be that simple, just one child sick but about 4:30am I was disappointed. I found Ian in the bathroom, emptying his stomach. I got him set up with a bowl of his own and headed back to bed, knowing that it might not be for long. I had a terrible time getting back to sleep as Chris was sleeping very restlessly and maybe about an hour later, he was up and visiting the toilet himself. The rest of the morning was spent in and out of bed, checking on all my pukers. I caught Chris at one point trying to get dressed for church and quickly let him know that he wasn't going to be going anywhere!!! I admire the dedication but I am sure no know would admire his germs if he did go to church! Isaac was feeling much better this morning and Ian only threw up a few more times before proclaiming that he "was all better"! It always amazes me how well kids bounce back from things like this! Chris is finally feeling like he will live through the day this evening and I am making homemade chicken noodle soup, that's what every good mommy makes for her sick little ones, isn't it??? :) Emma and I have seemed to miss out on all the fun but she did manage to find something to entertain herself with this afternoon. :)

Praying that you all are well and praying that we are all well soon too!


Tammy said...

What a night! I'm sure that chicken noodle soup tasted good to everyone too! You are a very good mommy and wife:)