Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel Time

This weekend little miss Emma and I will be flying out to visit my sister Marcy and her family in Oregon. I am both excited and terrified at the same time! It has been 10 years since I have flown and on top of that I am bringing along my one year old! Crazy, I know but it will be fun to spend time with my little girl all by ourselves! She is so easy to take care of so I am not worried about that but she has reached the stage when she wants to be on the floor all the time exploring. Not such a great idea when you are on an airplane. And I won't have anyone to pass her of to if she gets to be too wriggly. If I had been thinking a little better I should have used the money for the whole family to drive out together, now that would have been fun!

We have also acquired a little female beagle a few days ago and already we are looking for a new home for her. It's not that she is a bad dog at all! In fact, we have really enjoyed her! Emma loves for her to lick her fingers and giggles to no end when she comes around but we are having an allergy problem! Both Chris and I never thought about her causing allergy problems but they have, especially for Ian! Yesterday, his eyes were puffy and he has been very stuffy, even with his allergy medicine! The boys and I have started researching on the Internet to find a better suited family dog that we can have in the house. We had so much fun looking at all the different breeds (AKC recognized and not!) and checking out all the "looks". Boy there are some interesting canines out there!!! I will let you know what we end up with soon!