Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's cleaning time!

We have two different guests coming today to visit and this house is in need of a good cleaning! We have been so busy the last week or so that I have been just getting the necessary stuff done and letting everything else go but now it is time to clean!!! First, one of our past youth members, Eric is coming through on his way to OKC to visit his brother. Eric is a pastor now at Ramona Friends Church and such a wonderful feeling for Chris and I to see one of our "kids" in ministry! Then later this afternoon, Brad and Chelsea, missionaries from Rwanda, are coming over to talk to Chris about their plan for Sunday morning. They are speaking at our church and since Chris is going to be gone both Friday and Saturday in Wichita for meetings, they are going to get it all straight today. I love company but I rather dread the house cleaning that has to come first! I sure love the clean house afterwards though! I think I am going to make a coffee cake also, it's always nice to have something tasty to offer friends! Well, I'd better get off this thing and get moving!