Saturday, June 5, 2010

Idaho trip

It's almost here and after so many months...really a year, of planning and saving, it's hard to believe that it's almost time for the Folkerts Family Reunion at Elkins Resort, in Priest Lake, Idaho. Only two more weeks and we will be headed out! A LOT has happened in the last 11+ months leading up this vacation/adventure and I really don't want to go into all that, water under the bridge. Now I am just looking forward to watching my kids see new states, new animals and as many of the 50 states license plates as we can along the way! Getting to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and all the extra people that are now their families is going to be great too! I can't wait for the stories and tall tales that always get told when this extended family gets together.

In preparation for the extra expense, we sold my Expedition yesterday. I must admit it was a little rough for me. As rough for me as it was easy for Chris. I drove it but he had to fix it! I even had a little conversation with the Lord on the way to meet the new owner and He assured me that it was time to move on. I felt like I had been everywhere in that car with my family and how we came to own it in the first place was nothing short of a blessing from God but He wants to continue to bless us. There is a pic of the new blessing on facebook and really...I am NOT complaining! Course, Chris still calls it his truck. :) I love my new Avalanche!!!

Isaac is still crazy busy with baseball and will actually miss their last regularly scheduled game due to our trip but the thought of seeing Elk, Antelope and a lot of license plates from other states is worth missing the game. I think so too!

Ian was playing coach pitch baseball this year but after a early injury to his leg and his interest in the inside of his baseball cap rather than catching the ball, we decided to call it quits and try a different sport next year. Something that has him running...a lot.

Emma is still the princess of the house and as I speak is prancing around the house in her dress up shoes, large assortment of beaded necklaces and one of her brother's slingshots around her neck...never a dull moment with her! By the way, did I mention she is only in a pull-up? This child strips almost as soon as we walk in the door!

I am going to try to keep this updated more in the next few weeks as we go on this crazy fun adventure but don't hold your breathe...really...don't.