Sunday, December 28, 2008

...and just like that, it's over!

Well, the holiday may have come and gone already but my house still looks like Christmas day! I can't seem to get all the toys, wrapping paper and empty boxes all picked up, especially since the kids keep playing with the toys and we keep getting boxes in the mail with more presents in them, not that I am complaining about the great gifts from friends and family! We are leaving tomorrow afternoon after Chris performs a funeral for a church member's mother in the morning and I am hoping to get most of the house cleaned up before we leave because there is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty, cluttered house after a long trip in the car!

We had a great Christmas and this was our first time at home with just us. In a way it was nice but I think we all agreed that celebrating with family is much more fun! Our youth pastor, Kris, spent most of the day with us because his wife and baby boy had flown to Iowa that morning to be with her family while Kris goes to south Texas with our youth for Friends Student Conference this week and I must say it is strange not sending my husband off with them too. I am sure glad to have him at home with us though!

We also celebrated Ian's 5th birthday Christmas night. I asked Ian during the day if he felt like 5 and he said no, but yesterday when I asked him again, he said yes! Haha. Guess it took a few days to soak in! Our friend, Joyce, made an awesome train cake for Ian's birthday and it was a big hit, especially the next day when I found Emma sitting on the table eating green frosting and M&M's. I took video of it but can't get it to load on here so you will just have to believe me! :)
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas also. Our family is excited to see what God has in store for us this year and we pray that you all know his peace!