Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Real or fake?

I just can't decide...we have talked about getting a real Christmas tree this year since we are getting a new fake PRELIT Christmas tree after the holiday, so this would be a good year to have a real one. But...I am just not sure I want to mess with watering a real one and we would have to buy a stand also. I would love to have the real smell but I worry about Emma pulling the whole thing down this year since she is bigger. She is also going to be real fun trying to keep her away from all the ornaments on the tree, she's a girl and attracted to pretty shiny things! Haha! We are supposed to go to Stillwater on Saturday with our friends who want a real tree too and I guess I will have to decide before then.


Tricia said...

Real is the way to go girl!! It makes your house smell so festive!! Looking forward to the pics : )

Tammy said...

I have to agree with Tricia. We had a fake one for like 15 years and last year we finally got a real one and it was so much better! But I understand with a little one who might like to get a little too up close and personal with the tree:)

We're going real again this year and actually going to a tree farm to get it. I am really excited about that. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look beautiful!

Audrey said...

In my opinion christmas isn't complete without the scent of pine. So I think you have two options - buy a real tree or buy fake tree and light some pine scented candles :-) either one will work. Actually, we haven't gotten our tree yet either and the decision I have to make is whether we want to cut our own or just buy a real one.