Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's been awhile! I guess I haven't felt like writing much lately although there has been lots to write about! I don't think we have ever had such a busy summer with Isaac's baseball keeping us busy all through June and July has started off with a bang. The end of June and beginning of July found the three kids and I in Haviland for a week to welcome my sister Marcy, Josh, Audrey and Ethan Bunce to Kansas from Oregon. Josh is going to be the Youth Ministry professor at Barclay College and I am so excited to have them closer for visiting! We did have some excitement on the trip home with the Expedition overheating just thirty minutes from home. Having the windows down and the heater blasting on a 100 degree day was not the greatest with three kiddos who were already really tired of being in the car for five hours!

Fourth of July found us at Joe and Nancy Brown's for lunch and swimming and then back to the house to regroup for the church party at Mike and Sena Pribble's house out on Bell Cow Lake that evening. We did have to duck for cover for a little bit as a thunderstorm passed by and we were all surprised when the "big" fireworks over the lake started at 8:15pm. Guess they were tired of getting rained on. It was still pretty with the storm clouds behind the show but they did have competition from God's fireworks, there was some impressive lightening going on!

The Sunday after the fourth was busy with us all setting up for VBS in Rome! With two days down already, it is going great from what I can tell from the Toga shop. We are getting a little rain today but hopefully it will be done before tonight so that we can continue showing kids God's love as we have Rome setup outside! Chris did have to go and take down our backdrop for taking the kids pictures once they are dressed up in the latest Roman fashions.

School will be here before I know it as we have a extremely full schedule for the rest of the summer. Two more week long vacations and Isaac is going to start playing fall baseball the end of this month. I will try to keep you all updated a little better but no promises! Hope you all are having a great summer!