Monday, February 23, 2009


Things have been humming right along since my last post with nothing too crazy happening. (Worth posting about anyway.) For the next two months, I will be singing on the worship team each Sunday morning, which means I have to pretend to like a microphone in front of my face! Last minute, I was needed to sing this last Sunday and I was so nervous that my hands were sweating and I had trouble holding onto the silly microphone! I did really enjoy it but I hope it gets easier the more I do it!

Isaac is officially signed up for baseball again this year and in a couple weeks it will be Ian's turn to get him signed up for his first year of teeball. I am sure it is going to get interesting trying to balance both boys playing this year but we are excited for both of them.

This weekend, Marcy, Josh and Audrey are flying to Kansas for a quick visit before they head to Josh's parents house. We are going to make a fast two day trip of our own to Haviland so we can see them too! It seems like forever since Emma and I flew out to Oregon last May to visit them and the girls had so much fun together then, I am sure they are going to be happy to see each other again!

Well, Chris is home and it's time to finish cleaning the house for small group tonight. I also need to make the coffee cake so I don't have anybody mad at me! It's a weekly request!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, the second tornado in southern Oklahoma ended up being much more devastating than I realized last night when I made my previous post. It turned out to be a very large half mile wide tornado that ripped through a small town called Lone Grove. I have seen different numbers here on the internet but at least 8, possibly as many as 15, people were killed during the storm and as many as 30 people are still not accounted for. I will post more as I can. Please be praying for these people!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is this February or May?

We had some excitement today here in Oklahoma and it's usually the kind of excitement we see in the warmer months of April and May. An F3 tornado hit Edmond, a suburb on the north end of OKC! One of the weather guys got great footage of the tornado and fortunately there was only one report of injury from the storm. There was another large tornado in southern Oklahoma but I haven't heard any damage reports from it yet. We have had unbelievably nice weather (70's) the last several days and I even shut off the heater last Friday and have had the windows open, so I shouldn't be surprised that severe thunderstorms are in the forecast. It just seems so weird! We have been told that winter is basically over the first of March so I guess we really are in the South now! The front has passed us so there isn't much threat for the rest of the night, good news for Chris and I since Ian always comes into our bedroom to sleep when it is storming out. The house could be picked up and slammed back down and Isaac wouldn't wake up!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not doing very good at this...

I don't know why I am not very good at keeping up with this thing. It's not like I don't have a ton of crazy things going on in this house everyday that I could be writing about!!! Just this last Sunday, Isaac went to a friend's house for the afternoon and so I asked some friends of ours if Ian could hang out with them so that I wouldn't have to take home a whining, unhappy five year old. They were very happy to, thankfully, and Ian had a blast helping feed their cows.

Chuck later told me that after the time with Ian, he knew exactly who's son he was. Oh no, what did Ian do now??? Well, apparently, Ian "saw" a pheasant while they were driving to the barn. (There really aren't many, if any, pheasants in this part of the state but Chuck decided to play along.) Ian stated that he wanted to catch it and when Chuck asked him what he was going to do with it when he caught it, (I can just imagine Chuck and Ian racing across the field after this invisible bird), Ian replied...hahaha, oh my..."I'm going to stab it!" Hmmmm, I wonder where he learned that from???