Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall fun

Wow, it's been a while so here is an update on what we have been doing lately! Fall is finally here and I am so excited for the cool weather, warm sweaters and the beautiful fall colors right outside my windows! I must say that Oklahoma does fall a little better than Kansas. We are still very much enjoying being Okies and I think we are fitting into life here pretty well.

Last Saturday, we got to spend some time at a friend's farm helping them harvest (my nice word for it) their chickens. Chris and the boys went first in the morning and then Chris called me and said that I needed to bring Emma out to see our little farmer, Isaac, catching chickens and even chopping their heads off!!! Oops, sorry. I wasn't going to tell you about that! Just be glad that I don't have a picture of it to show you! Haha! Here are some pics of Emma getting to meet her first kitty and she obviously doesn't share her father's dislike of cats...

Last night we had fall festival at our church and we did a Bible Walk. I was in charge of it and there's nothing like diving in feet first! After much worrying on my part, it went great and I think all the kids had a great time! I asked my wonderful hubby to take pictures for me and he managed to get lots of pictures of my little butterfly Emma, but practically none of our other equally adorable kiddos, Isaac and Ian!!! :( They will be dressed up again tomorrow night for trick or tricking in downtown. I'LL get pics of them then!) Thanks to our friend, Jonathan, Emma now thinks the best thing to do with glow sticks is to stick them down the front of her onesies! At least, I can find her in the dark! I just wish I had got a picture of her last night in the dark. She has been playing with them today too but it's just not the same in daylight! Emma's little friend, Caiden, was dressed as a monkey and their were soooooo cute together! Emma was getting a little tired in the picture with me! It was a great evening and we are hoping to do it all again next year but with more bible stories and inviting the community to come too!


Tammy said...

Those are really cute pictures! You said you did a Bible walk. What was that? Sounds interesting, I was just curious. Looking forward to seeing your treat or treating pictures too!

Kelly said...

We had six rooms with different bible stories on each. We broke the kids up in six groups and then they spent about 10 minutes in each room listening to a short bible story, had an activity and got a "treat" to take with them. It was great and we hope to have more rooms next year!