Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on sick.

Well, Chris went to the doctor this morning and he found out that he has a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. The doctor has given him strict instructions to stay in bed the next two days because he is concerned that it could turn into pneumonia and we definitely don't want that! This is going to be a hard time for my hubby because he doesn't want to be confined to the bed when there is so much to be done! And it also means that I will have to skip Friends Women this evening to go to Isaac's parent teacher conference instead of Chris. We could sure use your prayers for Chris and that he will actually rest the next two days and recover from this quickly. Thank you in advance!


jadon said...

audrey just got over a sinus infection. it took forever! she had to be on 3 different antibiotics, and finally the last one worked. we will be praying for you guys... tell chris that elk season starts here on wednesday, maybe that will help cheer him up!

Audrey said...

tell chris i'm sorry. I totally understand. I felt like I lived in bed for a week. One thing that really helped was a back rub. I know that sounds crazy but I guess all the glands in your body get infected and a good back rub works it all out. However you have to drink tons and tons of water afterward to flush it all out of your body. If Jadon see this he's going to make fun of me, He thinks I'm weird with "natural remedy type stuff" We'll be praying for you both