Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OKC Zoo!!!

We had a wonderful time this last weekend with our best friends, Geron and Lorrie! We got to stay Friday night in their beautiful new home and stuffed ourselves at Eischen's (no idea if I spelled that right), a very popular and very good fried chicken place west of the OKC. It is an interesting place, number one, it is a bar (non smoking, thankfully) and number two, they don't seat anybody! You just wander around until you find a table that is about done and you stand there until they leave! Slightly uncomfortable for me but that's just how it is! Very, very busy but that's because it is that good!

Saturday morning we went with Geron and Lorrie to the OKC zoo. We hadn't had a chance since we moved here to Chandler to check it out and the boys were very excited about it. We were there about three hours and didn't even see the African animals but the Oklahoma Trail was the best exhibit by far. I wanted to take a picture of all the boardwalks and water fall but Isaac had the camera. Before we all fell over dead, we headed back to Geron and Lorrie's, ordered pizza (no one wanted to cook after all that) and watched the KU/OU game. It was a great weekend and we always have a lot of fun with Geron and Lorrie!!! It is nice to live closer to them now!


jadon said...

all your kids are growing up! i remember when ian was just a baby when i was interning w/ you guys.