Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris parents are coming!

We are very excited to have Chris' parents coming for a long weekend visit tonight and they are flying into the OKC airport so the boys are excited about getting to check out the airport. I remember the good ole days when you could be in the terminal and watch your loved ones plane land and taxi to the gate, miss that. I do appreciate the safety measures though.

We are planning on meeting up with our friends, Geron and Lorrie, from the city for dinner after we pick up Chris' parents. Chris and Geron have been friends since they were in junior high and Chris performed their wedding one year ago on Chris' birthday. Another bonus of moving to Oklahoma, we are only 45 minutes away from them now.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the city to do some shopping and to check out the OKC bombing memorial. I have been there before a long time ago but I am looking forward to visiting it again. I am pretty sure we are headed to Bass Pro Shops for shopping, another benefit of living down here, and I am hoping for a stop at DSW Shoes. I also found out yesterday that car seats have an expiration date!!!! Did you know that??? Now I know that you are not supposed to buy a car seat from a garage sale because you don't know if it has been in a car accident or not but I had no idea that you are supposed to replace a car seat after five years. Something about the plastic becoming brittle with age and breaking during a car accident. The car seat Emma is using is well past the expiration date, it was bought for us to replace the car seat Isaac was sitting in during Chris and Isaac's severe car accident that happened seven years ago this April. I think a stop at Babies R Us is in order for tomorrow too. I just got a coupon in the mail yesterday for 15% off the total purchase! Thank you Lord! I had been wanting to get a new car seat for Emma anyway, something a little more girly but I didn't have a good reason, until now!

Gotta run and do some more house cleaning!


Tammy said...

Hope you have a great time in OKC and a fun visit with family!

Marian said...

Its so good to have family visit...enjoy your time together!

Tricia said...

Hope you have fun with your family! Last time we came to OKC thats exactly what we did, hit the Pro Bass Shop and the OKC memorial, which was very cool and humbling. Have a great weekend Kelly!

Deb/Jon said...

Have a great time!

Dad's fever is gone and he's not coughing quite as much but he is still wiped out. No energy!

I haven't gotten as sick as he did, Praise God! For me it's mainly been body aches, fever, occassional cough, sneezing, junky nose and slight headache. If it comes your way drink lots of water, eat healthy and take 2 Ibeprofen every 4 hours and 2 Tylenol every other 4 hours alternating so your taking a fever reducer/pain reliever every 2 hours. Make sure you have something in your gut when you take the meds or your probably going to loose your cookies. I used a rice cake.
Medical advice from Mom,
Love, Mom