Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry it's been so long.

Life has kicked into high speed with both boys playing baseball this spring so I feel like I am on the go a lot. Yesterday, I picked up the boys from school, Ian had his first practice from four to five, then I baked cookies for our College and Career small group last night, then Isaac had a scrimmage in Davenport at 6:15. I think we got home about 8:30 and barely got home before a thunderstorm started.

Ian did great at baseball practice and it was so cute to see him running the bases, at least he ran straight towards them and didn't forget to touch all the bases. I can't say the same for everyone else, hee hee! He learned how to throw overhand and hit a base hit on his second try with the tee, the first swing was foul.

Isaac had his first scrimmage with his Chandler Lions Pee Wee I team last night in Davenport. Isaac told me on the way home that the other team was an older team and if that's the truth, our boys did fairly well against them. Isaac struck out at his one time at bat (we didn't do innings, just went through the entire lineup of each team) and was one of five boys, including the coach's son, that didn't get to play on the field. He was bummed about not getting to play on the field but I am sure he will get a chance. It got cold quick as the evening wore on and of course, I didn't dress either of the boys warm enough. I finally went and got Isaac's uniform out of the car and he put the shirt on top of his t-shirt. He said he was so cold that it made it hard for him to hit. I think both he and I realized last night that baseball in Chandler is A LOT more serious than in Rose Hill. Kids were stealing bases and making big plays and I remember feeling really nervous for Isaac after watching the other team's pitcher warm up!!! Chris and I were also able to purchase shirts with Isaac's number and our last name on them. I just pray that we haven't gotten ourselves into something that is going to be more than we can handle. We have been told by other parents that there will be some games on Sundays, I haven't had the chance to tell coach that Isaac won't be there for those games. Here is Isaac in his uniform!


Deb/Jon said...

Hey, finally! I've been anxiously waiting for another blog. I sure am excited that we will get to see Isaac play ball.

Marian said...

Busy ball mamma...the pics are so cute!

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Hi Kelly,

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