Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I haven't been feeling the greatest since Sunday, I think it's just a cold but I feel so run down and wiped out. I haven't had any energy the last few days but lay awake forever at night trying to fall asleep (NOT normal for me at all, just ask my husband!). This is not a great week to get sick but I am slowly starting to feel better so here's praying that I am well by this weekend for Easter activities!

Emma has developed diarrhea the last two days and I am beginning to think she has ear infections again, the only sign she usually shows is yucky diapers! I wish she would have some other symptoms so that her ears wouldn't get so bad to cause diarrhea. She doesn't even seem to care about the nasty diapers but she likes having baths more often. She came into the bathroom this morning asking for a bath and was quite disappointed when I said no.

The swing set arrived last week and has been in various stages of assembly ever since then. The package says it takes a whole day to assemble and since my husband doesn't have a entire day to work on it, I am praying for the kids sake, and my husbands, that it is completed before winter sets in.

Okay, I don't even have the energy to type so I am quiting for now!


Deb/Jon said...

I'm also praying that you will be back in the "pink", which I'm not sure what that means except that you like pink so I thinking it means feeling good. Have you been taking it easy or trying to continue with all of the activity that surrounds you? It's so hard to keep everybody healthy when there is 5 of you and all busy interacting with others. Love Mom