Saturday, April 11, 2009

Matching Aprons

A dear lady at our church surprised Emma and I with adorable Mother/Daughter aprons earlier this week. She makes aprons and purses to sell at craft shows here in town. Emma loved hers so much that she wore it all day long, even to take brother to school and while she took her nap. It's not a great picture of me but Emmie is pretty cute, if I do say so myself! And yes...she is standing on my glass coffee table but JUST this once! Hahaha!


Tammy said...

Those are great aprons! What a nice surprise to get!

Deb/Jon said...

You guys look so cute. What's for Easter dinner? Wish we were there! Could have come cuz I had Good Friday off but it's been good to be home to help Stacy and Jeremie work on their house and babysit. What's your coffee table doing under the quilt?

Kelly said...

We moved the coffee table once the Wii came because I didn't want the boys hitting it all the time. That's the only other place I could put it. We are having Easter dinner and another egg hunt at Bertha's and then I bought a spiral ham on sale at Walmart for tomorrow night(I think)! Wish you were here too!