Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oklahoma Aquarium

Ian is home sick today from church so I thought I would take this time in between cleaning out his puke bowl to upload pics from Isaac's field trip on Friday to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK. IT WAS AMAZING! We really had a great time. The best part of it was all the touching exhibits...sting rays, sharks, starfish, clams and shark eggs.

We also listened to a talk about turtles and then got to pet Harry, the box turtle and a Frog Eyed Gecko (I don't remember his name). My camera battery was having issues so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked and since the battery was dying, I had a hard time getting the right setting for the glass of the exhibits. Here's the kids (four of them are our church kids) under the shark tank. It was really cool when the sharks would swim over the top and we could see all their teeth! Isaac is in the middle.

This is Isaac and his classmate, Austin, checking out the sting rays. We all got to pet the sting rays and little sharks in this tank later when they had someone on staff there to make sure we kept all 10 fingers but that was after my camera battery died so I took a couple pics with my phone. Maybe someday I will figure out how to get them onto the computer! :)

Isaac and Austin were waiting to check out the shark eggs. They didn't look anything like what I thought an egg should look like. Let's just say, I would want to be laying these eggs! I wish I had a good picture of them for you.

Isaac and Adam really liked this big fish above Isaac's head. It looked like it had lipstick on but we couldn't ever get a very good picture of it. I was just glad to get this picture since my battery had already died and then decided to come back to life for 5 minutes. I told you it was having issues!

I can't wait until Isaac and I get the chance to take the rest of the family to the aquarium! It was a blast even though it was pretty expensive to get in. Well worth it though! More field trip pictures to come, Ian and I go to the Oklahoma City Zoo tomorrow, long as he isn't still sick!