Thursday, April 9, 2009


We have had incredible winds today and this afternoon many wildfires have started up in our area. There are a couple just south of town and a really large one just about 10 miles to the west of us, in Wellston. Chris saw a huge home engulfed in flames just off the turnpike on his way home from Oklahoma City this evening. I think there is a fire north of us also so I am feeling a little surrounded. Every time I have gone outside today, I can smell the smoke in the air and see the plumes off to the south and west. This isn't like in western Kansas when farmers are burning there fields off. Somehow knowing that these fires are out of control and that people's homes are going up in flames, makes me just a little more nervous. They are reporting on the news that they will most likely declare a State of Emergency and they are guessing at least 100 homes have burned so far. Oh yeah...we are also under a tornado watch until 9pm tonight. Great. We won't be able to see the tornado coming through all the wildfire smoke!!! Please pray for Oklahoma tonight and tomorrow!