Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ian, Emma and I had a great time at my Mom and Dad's this past weekend! I don't think we hardly had a moment to sit and relax, there were just so many fun things to do. Ian went out with Poppa kayaking twice and the second time, we had a whole crew of family and friends out there! The kayaks were definitely a hit with the kiddos and the adults had quite the time keeping track of who's turn it was to go out and making sure no one fell in.

I was also able to help my Mom get the Canteen ready for all the groups coming into Greensburg for Spring Break. I wasn't able to actually go around and help pass out the snacks but I enjoyed helping Mom figure out the route to all 23 locations and making sure everything was loaded and secure in the Canteen.

The trip home went pretty well considering it was just me with two little ones. I stopped and got Ian a slushy in Pratt and while we were in Wichita, I asked Ian if wanted to get some lunch or just get home. I was shocked when he said to keep going!!! I guess I shouldn't have been since I had told him that morning that our new Wii was at the house, he was in a little bit of a hurry! I did have snacks along so we made it home in good time!

I was also a little anxious to get home and see my new wood floors!!! They are beautiful and when I find my SD card, I will take a picture and post it. Emma has done well adjusting to the slick surface and only tried to do the splits once. The boys love going sliding everywhere on it and I love how it makes the room seem bigger. Well, better run, I need to show the boys who is boss on Mario Cart! Hee hee!