Friday, March 13, 2009

More family

We had a great time with Chris' parents last weekend and after just a few days at home, Ian, Emma and I are now at my parents house in Haviland for a few days. The boys, Chris and Isaac, are at home pulling up carpeting and laying wood laminate while we are gone. I thought it would be better with us out of the way, including my comments on how I think it should be done! Hee hee! I can't wait to get home and see the finished product even though I am not looking forward to putting everything back in it's place. (Gave me flashbacks of moving just seven short months before!) I will be sure to post pictures, when I can find my SD card for my camera. Hmmmm.

On separate note, this is Spring Break! Why is it stinking freezing outside then????? I was not surprised to see most people heading south with their car top carriers this afternoon on our way north. The only reason I was headed to the north pole was to see family, I sure love my family, especially since my sister made caramel corn tonight! YAY! Sorry babe, I will try and bring some home with me...really, I will! :D Well, okay...maybe not. But I thought about it, does that count???


Deb/Jon said...

It really is the best carmel corn I have ever had, worth marketing. It's not the stick to your teeth kind but the crunchy kind. MMMMM