Monday, September 8, 2008

Boy secrets

After Sunday morning church we headed out to Grandma Bertha's, Jonny's grandma, for lunch and as always, the boys wanted four wheeler rides as soon as anyone was done eating. First Isaac and Amanda headed out and then it was Ian and Jonny's turn. After them, Isaac wanted to take Chris out and show him the Teal that were on one the pond's. Later that afternoon, Ian told me that Jonny and him had some secrets that only boys could know, like Isaac and Daddy. Haha! They had checked out the old cabin where Jonny used to play as a boy and I can only imagine the stories that Jonny has told my young impressionable son! He said that Jonny also showed him the pond and the boat where his Grandpa died when he fell out of the boat and sounds like Ian got quite the education yesterday. I can't wait until Jonny and Amanda have some kiddos of their own! Heehee!