Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Couldn't resist...

I know I already blogged today but we have such a fun night that I didn't want to forget any of it! It started with our neighbor friends Doug and Kasi walking past our house and we all ended up outside talking with the kiddos riding their bikes and scooters all around. We have enjoyed so much getting to know them and they have two boys, Isaac, who is Ian's age and Jack who is a couple months younger than Emma. Ian and their Isaac have so much fun together and we have a hard time separating them when it's time to go home. Thank you Jesus for letting us live in town where we can step outside and talk to people!

Shannon showed up for our girls night out and I loaded Emma up and we headed out for Shawnee with a few side trips to see some of the housing developments in south Chandler. (I am always shopping for a new house for us). We had an absolutely yummy dinner at Red Lobster and the highlight most definitely had to be when I fed Emma some of our Coconut Shrimp. She made some of the greatest faces and gaging motions until I was able to swipe it out of her mouth!!! Shannon and I had a good laugh about it too. The mall was just across the parking lot and headed into Ross. Now I have shopped in a Ross before but I must have totally forgot about all the awesome deals that can be found there! I was in bad need of some new church clothes and for $32 I was able to come out with a black skirt, a burgundy dress shirt and a brown tank top! SCORE! Emma was getting tired so we decided to head for home.

When we got back to my house, Shannon's boys were still there watching the very late Broncos game and we had another couple hours of great fellowship with them before everyone headed home. Even Emma was up until about 11:30 entertaining everyone! Now it is 12:30am and I really need to go to bed so that I can get up sometime decent tomorrow morning (hopefully not too early!). What a awesome evening with good friends and I don't think I have ever learned so many great sayings in such a short amount of time before! Haha!


StarWarsFans98 said...

Wow! What a great deal at Ross. It's always so fun to get new clothes AND save money! You'll have to post some pics modeling your new finds.