Saturday, September 6, 2008

First day of goose hunting

Today was the first day that Chris and the guys got out to hunt resident geese during this special season to get rid of the the ones that stay around all year and destroy farmer's crops and golf courses. The whole family went out last night and made sure that Chris would know exactly what the geese were doing for the morning. We had a great time checking out both the old lake (Chandler Lake) and the new lake (Bell Cow Lake) and the boys reminded Chris and I that they wanted to go camping sometime soon! There are a bunch of great campgrounds around both lakes and it seems silly not to take advantage of the fact that they are only about five minutes from our house! Guess we will need to break out the tent and sleeping bags.

Well, the hunt this morning didn't go that well as the geese decided they wanted to be in another field just south of where the boys were set up. It sure didn't help that a group of guys who also had permission to hunt the field showed up just after Chris, Jonny and Paul got decoys set up. The farmer had told Jonny that the other guys weren't planning on hunting until Sunday and since Chris was already there, the second group decided to set up just a little ways away from our the same field...ummm, that's not cool. There really wasn't enough cover for seven blinds and Chris told them that but it really didn't seem to matter to the other guys. They were determined to hunt there too. And the geese were smarter than all of them since only two even came into gun range all morning and they circled and left before anyone even got a shot off. Haha! Sorry, I think that's funny...don't tell Chris!