Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our first night of Pioneer Club

Chris and I have never been a part of a church that had Pioneer Club so this is a new experience to say the least! Last night was our kickoff night and we had planned to have a picnic outside with a bounce house but as it turned out, it poured rain all day. Good thing we have a gym and could set up everything inside! The bounce house was of course the big attraction and Ian had a hard time letting the other kiddos have a turn. We also had kick ball, hula hoops (still can't hula hoop!), watermelon and drinks. It seemed like everyone had a great time and the HS/JH group even got some time inside the bounce house. After everyone was done, Emma and I climbed in to bounce but she wasn't too excited about it. I can't blame her, it was terribly hot inside there, so we bounced for just a little bit and then we ungracefully climbed out! Haha!

Kris and Amber had a great group of HS/JH also and they seemed to have a lot of fun! So much fun that one of the kids put a large hole in the sheet rock during Musical Chairs! Haha! I think Kris was really worried about it but my Chris assured him if that was the only thing they broke while they were here, then they would be doing really good! I am sure that Kris is glad that Chris was a youth pastor for ten years and therefore knows what to expect from a youth group!