Monday, September 15, 2008

New Stuff

There has been and will be a lot of noise around my house today. We are having a new sink and counter top put in back in the mudroom this morning, not that we needed one but someone in the church got a stainless steel one somewhere and so they are putting it in here! I haven't looked at it but I am sure it is nice.

Saturday, I was just a little dismayed to find out that after I had loaded the entire dishwasher, it won't start! A couple days prior it had done that same thing but Chris was able to get it started eventually. I guess it has died for good this time. Our head of Stewards Committee is coming sometime today to measure the space and then is going to get a new black one from Lowe's. I had asked for a stainless steel one to match the stove before I was informed how expensive they are!!! Don said they were $900!!! Yikes, black will do just fine. Haha!

Also, Isaac has been taking piano lessons for the last two weeks and his wonderful teacher, Ms. Helen, has graciously found an apartment piano for us to have! It will be great for Isaac to have something to practice on here at the house instead of trying to find time for him to at church. Now I just have to unpack and cleanup the last pile of boxes so that we can have a spot for it in the living room. Such fun!