Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's go stud!

Have you ever heard something come out of your child's mouth and wonder, now where in the world did that come from??? Chris and I had one of those moments this morning as Chris and Ian were getting ready to head out the door for school. Chris came back in the living room to tell me something and Ian, my four year old, piped up, "Let's go STUD!!!" Oh my! Hahahahaha! Not sure what to say after that...


Tammy said...

Hi Kelly,
This is Tammy Sorensen. I found your blog via Jennifer Lee's!

It's great that Chris is a senior pastor and sounds like you are enjoying being a stay-at-home mom too. I enjoy it very much and wouldn't trade it for anything else!

Looking forward to reading more Stanfield stories!

Kelly said...

Thanks Tammy!!! I have been reading your blog too! :D We are really enjoying our time here at Chandler and it is great to be able to listen to my hubby preach every Sunday!