Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Cellphones

Yeah! I have a new phone and it is awesome!!! I have recently been introduced to the wide world of texting and I must admit, I really like it. I know, I's not as personal but you could say that about everything electronic. Why don't we go back to the day of walking over to your neighbors house to ask them over for dinner the next night instead of calling them on the phone? My rationalizing for all this technology is simple...I probably wouldn't walk over and invite my neighbor to dinner at all since I am lazy! At least this way, I still talk to my friends even though it isn't in person. And you all wouldn't be reading this either if it wasn't for all this wonderful technology, well, I am not sure that anyone is reading this anyway but just in case.

Isaac LOVED his piano lesson today and I think he is picking it up very well!!! As soon as he got home, he got out his piano books and did his "homework". I think we may have to look into getting a piano for this house so that he can practice here at home and not at the church, which is the plan for now.