Friday, September 26, 2008

What an awesome God!

Thanks to a wonderful website called Caring Bridge, I have been able to get frequent updates on a little friend of ours from Rose Hill that had been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of tumorous cancer. Charlie is only four years old and his older sister, Annie, was a classmate of Isaac's in both preschool and second grade. We have prayed and supported Charlie from the very beginning and it was quite the blow to all of us that someone so little had to go through something so devastating. Even with our move to Chandler, we have continued to receive updates and about the time we were moving, Charlie was going through the last of his chemo. Back in the beginning, the doctors tried surgery to remove the tumors but they were too hard and none of them were able to be removed and so Charlie started chemo.

Today, after more than a year since he was diagnosed, Charlie went through surgery again and they were able to remove EVERY LAST TUMOR!!! Praise the Lord! I can't even imagine what joy Charlie's parents are feeling right now!